We can help you choose and apply mulch to your flower beds which helps preserve the look and health of your landscape and flower beds.  Mulch helps to moderate soil temperature and retain soil moisture which is good for the health of your plants. Adding a layer of mulch to your flower beds also improves the appearance of your beds and suppresses weed growth.   


Mulching  is a quick way to protect and help nourish your plants, also keeping your flower beds an accent to your house.  Mulches need to be applied 2-4 inches thick, if the mulch is too thin you won’t receive the benefits from using mulch such as retaining moisture and suppressing weed growth. Mulch should be applied in early spring before your perennials have gotten too much growth on them. This makes it easier and faster to put down the mulch and limits the damage to plants.  However, you can apply mulch at anytime during the year and many people in cold climate prefer to apply mulch in late fall to protect plants from winter harm such a winter burn and frost heaving. 


Flowers beds can turn your yard into an oasis, but the pesty weeds try to take over. Let us take care of getting rid of your weeds especially prior to mulching. We will pull all weeds and from the base to prevent regrowth. 

Weed Prevention Fabric

Before mulching we can protect your beds from weeds with our 20 year we prevention fabric. We will remove all weeds prior to installing and we will stack down the fabric to prevent it form shifting and weeds pushing through.

Flower Bed Edging

Outline your flowerbeds like the wealthy. We will make your beds crisp lines and prevent your mulch or rock from washing into your grass. Edging your beds will also prevent grass taking over your flower beds.